Profitable Decisions

Profitable Decisions is the parent company for Indicator Warehouse.

Indicator Warehouse opened its doors in May, 2009 and by May 2012 we completed the first leg of our mission with the release of The Diversified Trading System (DTS) for the Advanced Retail and Institutional Trading community. DTS was an immediate smash hit and propelled the popularity of Indicator Warehouse to more than double that of all other NinjaTrader software providers combined – simply through word of mouth.

With the release of the Raptor Trading System (RTS) for entry level to intermediate traders we completed Phase 2 of our mission to create day trading systems that work in any time and any market. The features and success of our trading systems have caused many traders to dump their platform and switch to NinjaTrader… just so they could get their hands on these NinjaTrader day trading solutions.

We are one of the best NinjaTrader partners in the industry. That makes me proud. But, what really excites me is the constant stream of emails we get from Happy Customers.

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7814 Nairn St
Houston, TX 77074

Phone: (281) 972-3030